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Since this is a non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime. You can return to your normal routine the same day, so there is no need to take off or skip the gym.

While downtime is minimal, you might experience mild bruising and redness because the cooling applicator repeatedly pulls on your skin in the treated areas. The bruised areas will likely feel tender when you touch them and the soreness could last for a week or two. 


Another side effect that could last for weeks, is prolonged numbness. This happens when the cold temperature temporarily damages the nerves around the treated areas. Other side effects include swelling, skin sensitivity, muscle cramping, firmness, cramping, itchy and tingling sensation. The severity of the side effects depend on your skin sensitivity and the areas treated. We have found clients with more elasticity in the areas being treated feel little to no discomfort, however clients with more “taut” skin do find “pulling” sensation to be a little uncomfortable initially until the skin starts to numb.

Fat Reduction & Centimetre Loss are not instant. While some patients may see results as early as three weeks after their first treatment, the most dramatic results are usually seen between one and three months post-treatment. In the weeks following your treatment, your body processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells through the lymphatic system. Depending on your body and the amount of fat on the area, more than one treatment may be necessary to get the desired results as everyone is different and follow different lufestyles (diet and excercise). Fat Freezing is not for weight loss and will not change the number on your scale because you are not losing weight. Losing weight only makes the cells smaller, it doesn’t eliminate them like Fat Freezing. Instead, you are freezing and killing fat cells in your body which causes you to lose centimetres, not weight.

Schedule a follow-up appointment for one month after your initial treatment. At this appointment, the aesthetic therapists can review your results (cm loss) and discuss possibilities for additional Fat Freezing treatments for other areas or repeat treatments for the same area. Depending on the size of the client and the amount of fat on the area, you will need one to four sessions every 30 to 60 days.

If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it… Usually, the lower tummy, top tummy/muffin top, love handles, saddle bags, double chin, bra bulges, back fat, inner thighs, chest, man-boobs or flabby knees are the most common treated areas, but it is important to remember that this is not a procedure for weight loss or for people who are obese. It works best for people who have isolated fat pockets of resistant fat. Those areas that you can see are struggling to respond to diet or excercise and simply need a different approach.

Extensive testing has shown that cooling only damages fat cells, and other tissues at the treatment site are not affected. The dead fat cells are swept away and discarded by the body’s normal metabolic processes. Because of its non-invasive nature, Fat Freezing has considerably fewer risks than other fat reduction procedures. This procedure is considered safe for most patients, althoughh there are certain risks associated with any kind of treatment. Some of these risks may include redness, bruising and reduced sensation in the treated area. These side effects are normal and usually go away on their own after the treatment.


Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) is the latest technology to enable improvement in the texture, laxity and suppleness of the skin. RF Skin Tightening is a completely non-invasive, safe way of tightening loose skin around the face, for example the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls, stomach, arms, legs, and any other areas where loose skin can develop. It not only improves the plumpness and supleness of the skin, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creped skin.

High Frequence radio waves create a superficial temperature of 38°C – 42°C under the skin. This is capable of stimulating the existing dermal collagen and producing a contraction of the epidermis which in turn produces a tighter looking skin. When the RF current passes through the tissue/dermis, it produces slight friction which results in an intense temperature change, therefore there is a collagen and elastin stimulation due to an activation of fibroblast cells.

Throughout the procedure, your Skin Therapist (Somatologist) will ask for feedback on the level of heat sensation to help balance your comfort with maximum results. After treatment, your skin may be slightly red, but most people resume regular activities immediately after treatment. There is typically no recovery time or special follow-up care.