Diminish Testimonials

Elzet - April 2017

“My name is Elzet and I’m a single working mother, I was gyming six days a week and eating moderately healthy for four months. I felt like I was getting nowhere and it made me very demotivated, meeting Hildegarde changed my outlook and life in an instant. She put eating healthy in perspective for me and gave me the boost I needed with the fat freezing. I was assured I would see results within 4 to 8 weeks but I already saw dramatic changes within a week and a half which made me even more motivated.I am a hairstylist by profession and all my clients are commenting on how good I am looking . For all the ladies and men out there that just need that little boost I would highly recommend fat freezing a non-invasive procedure that’s painless and very effective. If it changed my life it can definitely change yours.”

Naomi Slabber - January 2017

“2016 was extremely challenging for most people. For me it brought a tremendous amount of stress, minimal time for exercise, and of course a majority of unhealthy meals. At the end of the year when I came home from my overseas job, I realized I need to give serious attention to my health and my body. But I needed help. To kick start my journey I made an appointment at Diminish, best decision ever! Their prices are so much more reasonable that their competitors. Fat Freezing is a breeze and made such a huge difference in my life. I lost 5 cm on my thighs in a month after my first session in combination with light exercise and a healthier diet. I was also impressed with the results of Cavitation, which showed a huge reduction is cellulite and enabled to be more confident in my bikini this summer. The whole experience was pain-free and actually pleasant as Hildegarde talks you through different diet and exercise tips. She is extremely well-informed and an excellent resource. She motivated and inspired me to focus on my goals and achieve results. Now I have my self-confidence back, I am happier and healthier (and obviously skinnier) and super excited to continue the journey to my dream body in 2017. Thank you Diminish and Hildegarde!

Mr. Badenhorst - May 2017

“As a man I work physically hard every day and my way of eating we’re not too bad, but despite all of that, I couldn’t get rid of my tummy that looked like a watermelon.

I needed a miracle to get rid of this tummy and that is where Hildegarde at Diminish made it happen.

After a full body assessment and only two fat freezes and cavitations, non invasive procedures, I have already lost 4 kilos and many cm around my tummy.

On top of it all, Hildegarde the therapist, consults you during the procedure, with a new lifestyle that includes a healthy diet with products and meal plans and recipes as well as suggested exercises.

The combination of the procedure and the new healthy way of eating, makes it the best value for money ever!

Thank you, because of you and this great product, that is very good priced as well, my tummy is nearly flat again and I feel young and healthier. I will do it all over again.”

Before After Cavitation

“I have always struggled to get rid of my tummy pouch especially after having children. So I decided to take the plunge and try out fat freezing. My first treatment was last October 2016 and they treated 2 areas of my stomach. I felt no pain or discomfort from the procedure at all and nothing especially afterwards. The areas were a bit red and numb feeling there, but they were immediately tighter and smaller. Even my husband noticed a change straight away. I also followed the healthy lifestyle the therapist gave me and actually enjoyed all the new nutritious meal ideas & recipes she provided that was easy to prepare. About 2 months afterwards I could not believe that I have lost 10 cm’s on the area we treated!! The results are still there, 12 months later and even gets better as Hildegarde coaches you on healthy lifestyle & training.”

Lisa- Helene Bosman- August 2015

“After changing my contraception method I gained and unwanted 5 kg’s. I generally live a very healthy lifestyle and don’t believe in miracle fixes. I found it impossible to lose the gained fat pockets stored around my legs and thighs – even with bumping up my daily exercise and lowering my calorie intake of an already sugar and processed-free food diet. I saw immediate results even a day after freezing those areas and together with Cavitation saw a change in my skin’s tightness and the appearance of cellulite.

I would definitely recommend the combined techniques of the Diminish studio to help you achieve your goals as they target every aspect of your lifestyle in order to achieve your wellness goals. “

Nicki Kiewiet- July 2015

“Thanks to Diminish for my new look & body! Fat Freezing has worked great on my tummy and makes me feel like a new person. I will recommend fat freezing to anyone as it is safe, pain-free and even relaxing. A Big thank you to the therapist Hildegarde Louw for all the motivational talks, guidelines on healthy eating and always making me feel special at each and every session.”

Richard Mkangala -December 2014

“This has been more successful than Liposuction thus far from the results I have seen. I have lost more from my problem areas and everyone is noticing the change and commenting about it. I thank God that I have met you! ” Lost 4.5 cm around bum, 7cm around tummy / navel, 4,5cm around waist and 6kg in weight in only 2 months!”

Michelle Hlava- June 2015

“Must just say that I have gone from 69kg’s to 54,5 kg’s in 3 months!!!! Thanks to you I have a new wardrobe. The one next to my “fat wardrobe” .You are my star and I have referred a number of people to you.”

Melissa Odendaal- April 2014

“I am 45 and had a big problem over my tummy. In January I went for my first Cryolipolysis treatment and immediately saw a huge difference. I had 2 sessions afterwards and now I can hardly belief the difference. It really made such a huge impact in my confidence and the shape of my body! Thank you Janette for making it affordable to every one!”